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“Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God’s kindness: kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile.” Blessed Mother Teresa

Now there is a Lenten challenge! There is just some advice that needs to be followed and this power-packed tidbit from Mother Theresa begs to be heeded. I shared this quote during prayer with the middle lovelies last week and they all agreed it would make the world a whole lot better but then one very honest young man said, “But man Mrs. Wohlfert, that’s just so hard to do.” I told him I agreed completely!

This quote has been heavy on my mind for several days and I’ve discovered it’s much easier to live these words when you’re in control of the situation and interactions are pleasant. When I really thought about it hard I was pretty good at living this challenge; I would slow down, look people in the eyes when they spoke and be still until they were finished with the conversation. It seemed a bit awkward at first but after a few days it became more second nature.  I was feeling pretty good about it until that situation I hadn’t planned for; you know the ones that catch you by surprise and tilt you off your balance.  I had one of those situations this weekend and I totally blew it…I was frazzled and almost instantly I reacted and it wasn’t a reaction that matched the quote! I wasn’t the Wicked Witch of the West or anything but as I replayed the event I realized my reaction was based on selfishness and pride. A few hours later I was still really heavy hearted about the whole thing so I stopped to pray about it. (I don’t know why I always wait so long to do that!) After just a few seconds of quiet prayer it was very clear that I needed to apologize.  I needed to call myself out on the selfishness and pride. I needed to admit that I was thinking of myself first and others second and I had to admit that I hadn’t left anyone better or happier with my snappy reaction. The more I tried to talk myself out of it, the more I realized I needed to do it and do it soon. After a giant gulp of pride with a huge serving of humble pie on the side, I made the apology and shared the story of my failure to live out this quote. The apology was graciously accepted and thankfully my reaction was a much bigger deal in my mind than in actuality…thank goodness! The funny thing about the whole situation…I was the one who left feeling happier and better.  Crazy, I thought that was the gift I was going to give; not the one I was going to get.  God is good and lesson learned…for today anyway!  Thank goodness God expects progress not perfection!

This quote from Blessed Mother Teresa is such a guidepost for saintly behavior. The second week I prayed with this verse I was inspired to search for people who actually lived this verse on a daily basis; people who just seemed to bubble over with the love of God. It didn’t take me long to find the first two examples; my daughter and Father Mathias Thelen. These two are truly on fire for Jesus and their joy and enthusiasm comes from the inside out. They are the kind of people who make everyone feel noticed and loved. They offer happiness, friendship and God’s accepting love to all those who cross their path and they do it with such sincerity that you can’t help but feel happier and better. Now it’s your turn…see who crosses your path that does an outstanding job of living this verse. Once you find them, just sit back and watch them; I guarantee your heart will be lifted.

A Seed To Plant: Make it your goal this week to live this verse. Think about the people it will be easiest and hardest to live it with and then ask God to bless your attempts.

Blessings on your day!

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