Daily Gospel Reflection for March 18, 2015


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Today’s Gospel: John 5:17-30

Optional Memorial of Saint Cyril of Jerusalem, Bishop and Doctor of the Church

Jesus had work to do. He was very clear about that. The leaders took offense at what they perceived as a lack of reverence for working on the Sabbath. If they thought that was bad, He offended them further by pointing out that He was only working because God was working, and that God was His father. Now he had crossed over into blasphemy.

Incredibly, they held on to unbelief even though they witnessed Jesus raising the dead in an awesome display of His power. He stressed that He was not working alone but in communion with the Father. As amazing as it was to raise a body from the dead, Jesus stressed that there is an even more important kind of resurrection. There is the kind of resurrection that raises the soul from the dead into the Kingdom of God. This is His entire mission! They did not understand His mission and, because of it, worked against it.

Those who deny that He is God are no better off than those who are dead in the ground. In fact, those who are dead in the ground but who believe in Jesus Christ and who “have done good deeds to the resurrection of life” are better off because they will have eternal life. We are blessed because we have faith, but there are others who live in ignorance of God’s mercy.


Are we working to spread knowledge and faith for the kingdom of God?


Jesus, please help me not to be afraid to spread the gospel. Help me to set about doing the work you have specifically created me and commissioned me to do. Help me to recognize it when I see it and let me never waste any grace.

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