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June 21-26, 2015


Image Courtesy of Summer Scripture Seminar

Image Courtesy of Summer Scripture Seminar

Come hear about the stories Jesus told in a whole new light as the annual Summer Scripture Seminar presents Parables. The seminar will run from Sunday, June 21 through Friday, June 26 at the University of St. Mary of the Lake in Mundelein. Conference attendees may commute or stay overnight and registration is open for individual days or the entire seminar. The best way to enjoy the program is to stay for the week (from Sunday evening through lunch on Friday) on our beautiful campus and experience the rhythm of prayer, study and relaxation found at Mundelein.

This year’s scheduled presenters are:

Image Courtesy of Summer Scripture Seminar

Image Courtesy of Summer Scripture Seminar

Sunday and Monday, June 21-22

Rev. John Paul Heil

“Parables as a Treasure for Disciples” (Part 1: Matt 13:1-23)

“Parables as a Treasure for Disciples” (Part 2: Matt 13:24-52)

“Parables as a Challenge for Disciples” (Matt 25:1-46)

Monday and Tuesday, June 22-23

Professor Arland Hultgren

“Parables of the Lost and Found: The Lost Sheep, The Lost Coin, and the Prodigal Son”

“Parables of Exemplary Behavior: The Good Samaritan, The Rich Fool, and the Pharisee and the Tax Collector”

“Parables Telling of Injustices:  The Unjust Steward, The Unjust Judge, and The Great Banquet”

Tuesday and Wednesday, June 23-24

Sr. Wendy Cotter, C.S.J.

“The Mystery of Christ’s New Life in Us: The Seed Growing Secretly [Mk 4:26-29] and The Lamp [Mk 4:21T]”

“Facing Up to Evil with the Hope of Christ: The Wicked Tenants; The Fig Tree in Summer [Mk 13:28]; and Waiting for the Master to Return to Us [Mk13: 34-37]”

“The Markan Jesus Calls Us To Something New: The Patch on a garment [Mark 2:21]; The New Wineskins [Mk 2:22] and Concerning Salt [Mk 9:49-50]”

Wednesday and Thursday, June 24-25

Professor Urban von Wahlde

“I am the Bread Come Down From Heaven”

“I am the Good Shepherd; I am the Gate.”

“I am the Vine; I am the Way the Truth and the Life; I AM”

Thursday and Friday, June 25-26

Fr. Michael Fuller – Parables in Light of the Spiritual Life

Cathy Crino – Parables in Light of Catechesis

Joe Paprocki – Parables in Light of Evangelization

Remember to reserve your place soon to take advantage of the Early Bird discount on full registrations. To register, please visit We are looking forward to seeing you this June!


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