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A few weeks ago, I finally broke down and replaced my first generation iPad. My old iPad was still hanging in there, but it had long since failed the update test: new apps wouldn’t deign to give it their attention and even the old apps were turning their backs, heading for the shininess of upgrades that made them faster and more efficient. Though my iPad showed no signs of any self-esteem issues, it was rapidly growing much too clunky to be anything more than a repository for e-mails, music and old versions of games.

I tried to be loyal. I kept reasoning that a new iPad was a want, not a need. I have an iPhone and a Macbook that are hard-working and perfectly serviceable, particularly when I remember to do upgrades. A new iPad was simply an embarrassment of riches.

But then Target ran a special, and on one of the Friday nights that we do our weekly shopping trip, I visited the electronics department (not for the first time). On prior visits, I’d looked through the case at the iPads, checked the price tag and then dutifully pushed my cart to the grocery department.

Not this time. Two specials, one time-sensitive, one not, would drop the price nearly 15%. Not huge, but given Apple’s aversion to sales, nothing to sneeze at — or walk away from — either.

And there was one left.

I got my new iPad home and found that while the basics had stayed the same, a lot had changed. The retina display alone made it clear that I’d upgraded — it was like putting on a new pair of glasses. Apps I’d previously paid for (and if you read my Tech Talk posts regularly, you know I don’t do that often) were now free! Suddenly, I had not only Pages and Keynote (which I’d previously purchased) but Numbers as well, making it immeasurably easier to open (the dreaded) Excel apps I sometimes need to use for work. The upgrades that had failed to load on my old machine were standard fare on my shiny new one.

vinyl-record-vector-free-download_23-2147492112And not only did my upgraded apps look better, but there were now plenty of apps available to me that had previously been lurking in the App Store, out of reach of my old friend, the first generation iPad.

A whole new batch of Tech Talks.

I’m not sure what will become of my old friend. Together with my bluetooth speakers, it’ll make a pretty cool stereo system for my little office, so that’s a possibility. For now, it sits in a stand on my desk, reminding me that it’s still there, ready to be pressed into service.

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