A Hug and A Kiss


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“He (Jesus) would withdraw to deserted places to pray.”  Luke 5:16

This reading resonates a big question: Why do we often find it hard to spend time alone with God? Could it be we are so conditioned to “doing,” that the thought of taking a few minutes to withdraw, just “to be” with God seems undesirable, even a bit awkward?

Being task-oriented is a good thing. Making a “to do” list is a good thing. Writing things down relaxes the mind, ensuring us we are not going to forget something important. However, if our “to do” list does not include a time to withdraw, ”to be” with the Father in prayer as Jesus demonstrated for us, we are missing a lot! God has something personal to say to us about our personal life each and every day!

How amazing to ponder the reality that Almighty God desires “to be” in conversation with us!  We, as the children of God, have access to God our Father and creator at any given time. But if we don’t choose to withdraw as Jesus did, to include time to be alone with God and listen, we cannot hear what the Lord has to say to us.

Our conversation with God doesn’t have to be a long, heavy discussion but a loving contact, an exchange of attention and awareness, a time of being together. A nugget of wisdom taken from the promises of Holy Scripture is like a hug and a kiss on the way out the door of daily life.  A hug and a kiss we return to God as we carry a joyful heart throughout the day.

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