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Catholic Mom Daily Gospel Reflections Logo with gold outlineToday’s Gospel: John 3:31-36

The Gospel of John frustrates me. It can be so abstract. I have an easier time with the vivid stories of our Lord’s day-to-day life. I have to go so slowly through today’s Gospel, but it’s worth the effort.

The one who comes from above is above all.

When I read this, I think about God’s power. God can do anything. He’s got everything under control. I can trust God.

The one who is of the earth is earthly and speaks of earthly things.

That’s me, I guess? I get so wrapped up in my daily life. I don’t think the way God thinks. I’m all about the here and now. Not so much about the eternal.

But the one who comes from Heaven (that’s Jesus) is above all. (Good – I got that one.) He testifies to what he has seen and heard, but no one accepts his testimony.

Jesus comes to us, and teaches us all about God, and do we believe Him? Do we trust Him? How many believed in His time? How many believe now?

For the one whom God sent speaks the words of God.

People will say that Jesus is just a “wise man” or a “spiritual teacher.” We have to remember that when we read the words of Jesus in the Gospels, we are hearing from God Himself.

He does not ration his gift of the Spirit.

Do I sometimes think that God is too busy? That I mustn’t bother Him with the little things, because He has bigger problems to worry about? God’s gifts are infinite. I can come to Him with the tiniest little thing. God is generous.

The Father loves the Son and has given everything over to Him.

In whose name should I pray? I should never be afraid to speak of Jesus. Of my love for Him, of what He has done for me – there’s no separation between God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. They are united.

Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life, but whoever disobeys the Son will not see life, but the wrath of God remains upon him.

In my childlike trust of God’s goodness and generosity, I must never forget how desperately I need Him as my savior. God’s overflowing love for me is something I accept with sobriety, aware of how freely He gives, and how little I understand.


Have you ever been intimidated by a passage of scripture?  What helped you understand it better?  Who can you ask for guidance when you encounter Bible passages that don’t quite make sense to you?


Dear Lord Jesus, I don’t understand everything.  Help me to trust in You, in Your goodness and generosity.  Help me remember how little I am, and how much I depend on You.  I love You.  Amen.

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