12 Unique First Holy Communion Gift Ideas for Boys


It’s first Holy Communion season and many girls and boys and their families are joyfully receiving the Eucharistic Sacrament for the first time. When our daughter received the Sacrament, it was easy enough to find beautiful gift ideas for first holy communicant girls. With our son, it’s a little harder to think of something more masculine and different than the usual bible and rosary. After looking around I found a few good ideas that could also be easily tailored for girls but I’ll focus on gifts for boys here.

Here are 12 Unique First Holy Communion Gift Ideas for Boys You can Buy or Even Make Yourself (if you’re crafty like that.)

1.  A Personalized First Communion Candle

first communion gift candle

by JCembossing

2. A Personalized Name Board using a uniquely created Christian Alphabet.

first communion gift name art

by TheChristianAlphabet

3. A rosary with a special rosary pouch to carry it in.

first communion gift rosary pouchby megexpressions

4. A Knotted Rosary Bracelet 

first communion gift bracelet rosary

5. A Masculine Necklace with a First Communion charm.

first communion gift necklace

by ChezBamboo

PearlyGatesCouture also has a nice selection of unique charms and personalizing options as well as The Catholic Company.

6. His own Bible and a Beautiful Cover.

first communion gift bible cover

by Proleathercarver

7. A Personalized Bookmark

They can use this with their new bibles.

first communion gift bookmark. jpg

by sierrametaldesign

8. A Personalized Holy Card

They could also use this as a bookmark or at Mass to remember a special prayer after Holy Communion.

first communion gift holy card personlaized first communion gift holy card personlaized back

by KeepsakesbyCarrie

9. Holy Card Wall Art

Another idea is to get a special holy card, or make one of your own like the one below, and modge podge it onto a wood block , canvas, or thick poster board, nail a picture hanger on it, and make a wall art gift to remember the day. This could also be an after-the-day gift so you could use a picture of him all dressed up and glowing with Grace.

first communion gift holy card 3

by LaCroixRosion

10. A First Communion Memory Box

Personalized with their name and date of the First Communion, this is a practical and special way to store all those special gifts, pictures, and mementos from his First Holy Communion.

first communion gift memory box

by naturallyaspen

The Catholic Company has a memory box you can also put a picture of him and his First Communion on the top.

first communion gift memory box picture

11.First Communion Photo Album

 In the digital world we live in, it’s nice to give our children tangible memories they can hold and touch. This vintage First-Communion-themed Photo Album is a beautiful way to store printed pictures from their special day.

first communion gift photo album.

by ThisandThatCapeCod

12. A Mass Book

Help engage him and keep him focused during Mass by giving him his own Mass missal or a children’s book about the Mass.

My son loves this one from The Catholic Icing.

first communion mass book

What have you found, made, or given for special First Holy Communion gifts for boys?

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  1. This is so timely Erika! My nephew’s first communion is next weekend. Now I have several great gift ideas!

  2. What a great list! I love those Rosary pouches … I want to get one for each of my children! My twins will receive their FHC next spring, and one is a boy. I will definitely be coming back to this list for FHC, and also because these make great gifts for other times of the year, too. Thanks!

  3. Thanks Lisa, Judith and Sarah! I’m glad this was helpful to you. Judith, how cool about the rocks, my son loves collecting rocks so this could be a good idea. Thanks for sharing.

  4. This is a very cool gift list, Barb, thank you! I plan to look at Chez Bamboo for a possible gift for my young nephew.

    To answer your question, for my older nephew I found a lovely gift, a mosaic cross for his wall, here on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/transaction/198026765

    I also got him a personalized necklace from Etsy, but my younger nephew is a little more of a “wild child.” 🙂

    Thanks again,

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