Saints to Invite to Your First Communion Party


Photo by Deegolden (2011) via Morguefile

First Communion season is quickly approaching, and while spiritual preparations have long been underway at school, the parish, and home, now begins party prep time.

Depending upon the size of reception you might be holding afterward, you could be in need of some heavenly help to get through the joyous, albeit laborious, day.

If the event has you scouring Pinterest for the perfect homemade First Communion confections, then you might consider inviting St. Honoré to your party. A sixth-century saint whose feast day is May 16, St. Honoré is the patron saint of bakers and the perfect friend to intercede on behalf of your kitchen efforts. If you’re really feeling ambitious, you could even make the traditional French Communion cake in the saint’s honor, the Gâteau Saint-Honoré (this is a milk chocolate salted caramel version). Or, he might simply be an extra source of prayers to ensure that the bakery spells your child’s name correctly!

If a flower arrangement will be at the party consider asking St. Dorothy for some help getting it just right. A fourth-century martyr and patroness of florists, she will surely intercede to make sure the flowers fall right where you want them while keeping the purpose of the party–the celebration of our greatest gift, the Eucharist–at the forefront of your heart.

Finally, be sure to include dear old St. Martha, patroness of hostesses (and whose own name means “the lady” or “the mistress”–she clearly was born for this role!) to help you serve your family and friends with a smile. And if a smile proves too elusive at points during the day, who better to vent to and intercede on your behalf for a better attitude!

As we prepare for this monumental day in our lives and the lives of our children, we should remember that we’re all united in the Eucharist, no matter where we are, with our friends on earth and in heaven. A truly blessed First Communion to you and your child!

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Photo by Deegolden (2011) via Morguefile.



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  1. I was intrigued by the title of this post, and delighted after reading it. Thank you for the smile – and the inspiration! I will plan on sharing this with my First Communion families that are preparing for their child’s First Communion in the next few months. This is certainly a wonderful selection of guest to invite!

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