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Editor’s Note: Sherry couldn’t make it today, but we didn’t want to miss the fun and encouragement that is Small Success Thursday. Chime in and share your successes below! –Barb

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“Hang on” is my motto right now. I saw a reminder on Facebook this morning that “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.” And I’m feeling that right now. It’s Week 6 of my husband’s Never-ending Business Travel (out on Monday, back Thursday night, at the office until late on Friday). The school year is winding down for my 13-year-old Kid, whose motivation has completely disappeared.

I’ve pretty much just decided to abandon any hope at having a regular routine or schedule until travel is over and maybe even until school is over. Imagine that–I think I can establish a better routine during summer vacation. Clearly I’m more sleep-deprived than I thought. I made 5 juice runs last night for my diabetic Kid, whose blood sugar just would not stay in the safe zone.

I’ll hang on to those things I did manage to accomplish this week:

  • moved a whole bunch of paint rollers and roller pans and scrapers out of the basement (where I don’t want them) into the garage (where they belong)
  • moved 4 big Rubbermaid bins of my young-adult son’s stuff out of the basement and into the garage. He really needs to take those things to his apartment.
  • defrosted the freezer in the basement and inventoried all the food, rearranging it so it will be easier to find things when needed.

What else keeps me hanging on? Plenty of coffee and my upcoming Adoration hour later today.

How about you? What keeps YOU hanging on?

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  1. It is very hard when Hubby travels. Looks like he has to make another trip to India in the next couple of months. I hope the kid’s blood sugar issues are a result of his growing.

    • Maggie, yes, he’s growing like crazy and now that it’s spring he’s more active, so it’s a balancing act with carbs and insulin. Just when we think we’ve got it all figured out, something else changes!

      Safe travels to your Hubby on his upcoming journey!

  2. My husband has done that extended travel twice yearly for about a decade. One of the worst is when I had three kids, one of whom was a newborn, and he was gone for about 8 weeks, leading up to a few days before Christmas. And his mother was dying in another city, so even weekends he needed to be there and not with us.

    Hope your husband’s travel wraps up soon and things can get back to “normal.”

  3. My husband is gone more than he is home, so I feel your pain with it. I honestly handle it better when he is gone for extended period. With this back and forth, it’s a lot of stops and starts. LOL

    Honestly, I just really feel I need to give up MY perception of organized. It’s apparently NOT where I am supposed to be because, well – I’m not the organized person I once was… by a long shot. It’s accepting that truth which is hard for me!

    Hugs & Blessings Dear Barb.

  4. I LOVE that you included the success of small decluttering projects. I AM so glad I am not the only one who sees the victory of putting things back where they belong, or lightening the home with a ridding it of things – like your son’s stuff. I cleaned off a counter this week and a desk. Horizontal surfaces are my nemesis – and though nobody but me may have noticed it felt good!! I ALSO really enjoy a good fridge re-org! Congrats on all your small successes and for filling in for Sherry (the superstar of #SmallSuccesses) – this is one of my favorite CM features!!

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