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Catholic Mom Daily Gospel Reflections Logo with gold outlineToday’s Gospel: John 16:12-15

Optional Memorial of Our Lady of Fatima

Nearly every fiction book I have ever started reading begins with me flipping to the last chapter of the book first. And if you are a Downton Abbey fan, you may wish not to engage me in conversation about the show, as I will have already read spoilers or watched the next season online before it reaches the US, and then my horrible memory will not allow me to remember what has not been shown here! I also despise suspense thriller movies. Oh, and don’t even get me started on surprise parties!

I was, however, a huge Paul Harvey fan; he is famous for his radio spots that concluded each time with, “And now you know the rest of the story.” Now that is someone I can relate to. I don’t want to wait for the story to unfold; I don’t want to see only one side of a situation. I want to know what will happen, when it will happen, and to whom. I want it all, and I want it now! I am a bit of a toddler when it comes to waiting for life to unfold. Although I am incredibly impatient, with God’s grace, I have learned to accept that I cannot turn to the last chapter of my life, or scour the internet for spoilers. I have also learned not to be anxious about what the future holds. God is not withholding the rest of the story because He is trying to torture me–quite the opposite. It is out of love for me that the tale of my life is told in daily increments.

Today’s Gospel reminds us that God will unfold the rest of the story for us, but only in a way that is the most beneficial for our soul and only as we can bear.


Let us look at today, at the beauty and blessings that God has for us in this moment. Let us look only at this very moment and rejoice in it.


Come, Holy Spirit, gift of guidance and hope; lead me always to the truth. Come, Holy Spirit, fill my heart with the love that God has for me this day, and remove all my anxiety for the next. Come, Holy Spirit; let us together with Christ glorify the Father, as we patiently wait for the rest of the story.

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