Ode to Dad

© GinaFelter2015

© GinaFelter2015

Strength –

Daddy, you carry me to bed and open jars for mom. I like it when you hold me up high and I look down into your eyes.

My husband, your inner strength is what attracts me to you. You persevere through thick and thin. You do not sway from your duties because things are tough or because you are tired. You keep going. I love you and I thank you for this.

Smart –

Daddy, you fix things and build things. I want to work hard at school so I can fix things like you.

My husband, your mind is amazing! So different than mine. Your insights into ongoing struggles are so matter of fact I wonder how I didn’t see it. You keep me striving for betterment so that I too may be a source of knowledge for you. I love you and I thank you for this.

Kind –

Daddy, I like when you bring flowers to mom. She lights up with a big smile. Sometimes you cook breakfast and let mom sleep in. I like it when we surprise mom like this.

My husband, your kindness is evident in your willingness to help with chores and being present to our children. Such tender moments I enjoy witnessing. I love you and I thank you for this.

Laughter –

Daddy, no other laugh brightens my day like yours. I feel so safe when I see you laughing with mom.

My husband, laughter used to come so easy between us. My heart soars when I see you laughing with our children. For the family we have created together and the laughter we have shared, I love you and I thank you for this.

For being the man mom wants and the dad I need; I thank God for you, Dad.

© Gina Felter 2015
Photo: © Gina Felter 2015. All rights reserved.


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Gina Felter, wife, mother of five, adventurer and techie. She enjoys sharing her zeal for technology and has served at both the national and local levels in support of Catholic social media endeavors. Currently pursuing a degree in Computer Information Systems she embraces the intentional use of technology while being informed of potential vulnerabilities. Gina nurtures her soul in nature with an active prayer life enjoying outdoor adventures such as cycling, running and hiking. She invites you to learn more about her adventures at www.tech-vangelist.blogspot.com and welcomes your comments or inquiries at ginafelter@gmail.com.

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  1. Better than any of the Father’s Day cards I’ve read! Thanks, Gina, for some beautiful sentiments.

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