Question of the Week: October 6, 2015


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This week’s question comes from contributor Nelly Guajardo and was originally posted on our Facebook page.

This week, as I was making lunch for my son he asked me, Mom how does one become a Priest and do Priests have other jobs?

That night my husband and I had a conversation with him about the question. He said, he is thinking maybe of becoming one when he grows up.

I told him he would know in his heart if that was his vocation and to pray. I am still a bit taken with his question and told him I would be praying for him. My son is 11, not sure what his future holds but for him to ask I guess the seed has been planted.

Wondering if any of your children have asked the same question?

Please share your answers and experiences in the comment box below.


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  1. Hopefully my daughter will never see this, but yes – she has confided in me several times that she feels a yearning for more information about a religious life. I’ve seen some of her web search histories included different order in our area. She’s spoken with her Confirmation sponsor and our Youth Minister about this. I love our Youth Minister and the relationship she’s building with these Confirmed teens. As a recent college graduate, she is able to counsel them in positive ways to being open and curious without feeling like they have to hurry and make a decision too early in their lives.

    My other teen expresses no such interests, although I see a strong faith growing within her. And my three-year old son… God really wanted him to be born, so there must be some very purposeful plans for him. I’m just taking care of him until God calls him to that purpose.

  2. My oldest son has told me since he was tiny that he wants to be a priest when he grows up, and he’s held fast to that all these years (he’s 11). My husband and I have always tried to encourage him in this — not to make him feel that we’re forcing him into it, or that we’ll be disappointed if he discerns he’s being called to a different vocation — but because we know he’ll encounter resistance and perhaps even ridicule for considering the priesthood from many others that he has or will come in contact with and we want to make sure he has the full picture. I also think many many boys these days aren’t even given the opportunity to know that the priesthood is a valid option, that indeed God may be calling them, so we’ve always tried to make sure that our boys know that the priesthood is an amazing and important thing for a boy to do, if he’s so called.

    That said, I do always make sure to tell my son, after saying how wonderful it would be if God is calling him to be a priest, and that he must pray very hard to discern correctly, as I am praying for him too, that he’s got a lot of time before he needs to decide, and that if he ultimately discerns God is not calling him to be a priest but to a different path, that’s wonderful too — the point is, trying to do what God wants us to do. You and your husband are so blessed to have a son who is open to considering it!

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