3 Quick Takes on Catholic Life

Image by Sharon Rayner

Image by Sharon Rayner

Seeing the Invisible

Every Sunday, we profess our belief in the invisible, and yet many Catholics seem taken aback when hearing others’ personal encounters with things unseen. We believe in miracles, but often not when they occur close to us. Is it that we feel unworthy of receiving God’s special attention? Do we feel that miracles occur only on a grander scale than our own humble lives warrant? As God is the same, yesterday, today, and always, we can count on all the elements of the gospel to be present here on earth right now. God did not create, then step out, then come in human form, and then step out until He comes again. We should always be on the lookout for the invisible.

Give it all to Him

We often hear that we should ask Jesus to help us bear our cross. I would submit that He doesn’t want to merely help us–He wants to take it. He wants to do all the carrying, 100%, in exchange for His peace. That’s a pretty good trade off. It’s challenging to let go of all of it—but complete, trusting surrender is what we are called to.

What to Say First

I sometimes think about how I might greet Jesus face to face when hopefully someday I have that opportunity. My first inclination had been, “Lord, have mercy on me, a sinner.” But since my daughter asked St. Faustina to be her Confirmation Saint, I have studied and come to (somewhat) understand Jesus’ Divine Mercy. I now think that the phrase “Jesus, I trust in you” is much stronger than my previously planned opening. It means we trust not only in His mercy, but also in every aspect of our lives here on earth. It focuses more on His all-encompassing goodness, His desire to hold us through our time on earth and for all of eternity. I pray that all will have the chance to one day greet Him.

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