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tech talk redesignSpoiler Alert! This has nothing to do with delicious savory fall flavors. Sorry to disappoint. I would however be very excited to have you join me this #SeasonofSaints in sharing the joys and triumphs of our outward displays of living out our faith. Activities like going to Mass, going to Confession, spending time in Adoration, bible study, youth group, etc. are all outward displays of living out our faith. Integrate these outward displays with the power of social media and we have ourselves a recipe for the New Evangelization! With just three main ingredients you can totally add your own sugar and (pumpkin) spice of hashtags to rally in this month of #HolySouls

1. #ViewfromthePew: Get to Mass early or stay after Mass a few moments and snap a photo of your view from the pew. Play with the views. Take photos from a sitting or standing position, play with the camera angles such as slightly tilting camera upward/downward and even capturing a family or friend (with permission) genuflecting at the pew. While you’re there might as well tidy the pew for the next #ViewfromthePew. Share your view from the pew and invite others to do the same!

My humble #ViewfromthePew of my local parish.

My humble #ViewfromthePew of my local parish. ©GFelter, 2015

2. #SinnertoSaint: Highlight your next bible study or ministry gathering. We are all sinners striving to be saints so let’s support each other on the journey toward sainthood. Who knows maybe your tweets and Instagram posts will one day be used as proof of your servitude to God. That day is coming folks! I believe our children will see the first saint to be canonized where their social media feed is referenced and preserved.

Young sassy saints on the journey from #SinnertoSaint

Young sassy saints on the journey from #SinnertoSaint ©GFelter, 2015

3. #YourmoveGod: Get to confession! Get to adoration! How do you quiet your mind and body to ponder your actions?
Do your part and let God do the rest. With Advent around the bend our Churches are beefing up their game of confession times. Take advantage of it and share the moment with your followers. You just may inspire them to do the same!

I surrender my all to God. I have fought the good fight and run the race. #YourmoveGod

I surrender my all to God. I have fought the good fight and run the race. #YourmoveGod ©GFelter, 2015

Extend your reach:
Caption your photos on Instagram with additional relevant hashtags to gain a broader reach. Your photo isn’t just about the #ViewfromthePew, but also about your #HappySunday or #HappySaturday and you can always edit your pic to #BlackandWhite for a little dramatic, artistic flair.  Use multiple hashtags that apply to your photo or post to maximize  reach. When typing a hashtag on Instagram a suggestion box pops up with your recently used as well as suggested tags. Instagram takes it one step further by showing you the number of posts using a particular tag.  So get creative with your posts and have fun hashing out the details of your tags.

©GFelter, 2015

©GFelter, 2015


O God, a new song I will sing to you; on a ten-stringed lyre I will play for you.(Psalm 144:9)

A new song? Yes, I will sing to your glory! Honor and praise is yours, oh Lord. Your love has saved me. Your mercy compels me. I seek your face in all I meet and in all that I do. Lord, I do not know this ten-stringed lyre referenced in the psalm. However, I am pretty proficient on a QWERTY keyboard; will that do? My every weakness and strength I surrender to your Holy will.

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Copyright 2015 Gina Felter
All photos copyright 2015 Gina Felter. All rights reserved.


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