We Can't Out-give God: Consecration Day 6


Welcome to our 33 day Marian Consecration Retreat as we prayerfully anticipate the commencement of the Year of Mercy. Join us as we share the book 33 Days to Morning Glory: A Do-It-Yourself Retreat In Preparation for Marian Consecration by Fr. Michael E. Gaitley, MIC.

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Today’s Reflection:

Every year when I renew my consecration to Our Lady, I have to remind myself that I can’t out-give God.

I have found over the years–especially in my vocation to marriage and motherhood–that measuring my spiritual growth is often just realizing that I am able to give more in a familiar situation than I was able to last time. More patience, more gentleness, more understanding. Over time, I hold less back from God as His grace helps me give more of my best to the people and tasks of my everyday life.

From Mary’s astonishingly brave fiat at the Annunciation to her presence at the Passion and death of her Son, she held nothing back from God. Mary couldn’t out-give God either, but she gave Him the most perfect gift that any of us can offer—and the only gift that is ours to give—her will.

The gift of consecration to Mary is that when we hold nothing back from her, she helps us to hold nothing back from God.

To Ponder:

Think of some of the everyday situations in your life in which you are tempted to hold back from Christ by holding back your best from others. What is one situation, relationship, or task today that you can ask Our Lady to help you give your very best to?

Let Us Pray:

Blessed Mother, in my everyday life please help me to give more than I want to, and sometimes more than I’m comfortable with, for love of Christ. Teach me how to train my will to “do whatever He tells [me].”

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  1. Erin, thank you for this beautiful reflection! This line “Mary couldn’t out-give God either, but she gave Him the most perfect gift that any of us can offer—and the only gift that is ours to give—her will.” was exactly what I needed to read today! I have answered your “ponder” question in my heart… and now need to pray throughout today for the courage and patience to give my very best to that relationship I’ve named that needs more of me… thank you for leading me closer to Our Lady and in a beautiful time of prayer today.

  2. Erin, thanks for a great reflection. I’m starting to realize just what a big undertaking this consecration will be and am thankful for 33 days to prepare for it! Without going into too many details, today I’m going to be praying that I can be less selfish in one particular relationship. I’ve been struggling with how to deal with this situation and the reflection today has given me the words to name the problem and do something about it. Thanks!

  3. All this talk of giving has my selfish side blaring “what’s in it for me?” Keeping this ugly beast in check is tiresome. Your prayer beautifully lays this beast to rest. I especially like the line “Teach me how to train my will…”
    I can give all. I prefer to give all. I just can’t always do it wholeheartedly without thinking “what’s in it for me?”

    God is shaking his head right now with a sly smirk thinking “silly mortal.” (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    I have much growing to do yet.

  4. I am so glad I got delayed in responding today so that I had not only Erin’s amazing reflection – which fyi cut RIGHT to my “it is all about me” heart — but also had the wonderful comments from Gina, Lisa and Kate! What a blessing this journey of consecration with you is!

    Where do I hold back?? Maybe easier (and shorter) to answer – where DON’T I !! You did say one – but my overachiever self thought of so many. I will however, focus on one – and ask the Lord for His Grace upon it. I think … probably a good idea to ask Mama Mary for her counsel on this issue as well!! No one knows a child’s heart like their mama!!

  5. Erin, thank you for your beautiful reflection! When I read the book’s entry for today, I was very moved by the statement that Mary gives her “whole self, and gives it in an unspeakable manner, to him who gives all to her… as that consecrated person is all Mary’s, so Mary is all his.” Wow. I’m hearing this with a new heart now, and your words give me courage to believe it. Thank you!

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