Daily Gospel Reflection for January 3, 2016 - Epiphany


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Today’s Gospel: Matthew 2, 1-12 – Solemnity of the Epiphany

January 1st was a Wednesday in 2014. That was the day my husband said he no longer thought we should be husband and wife. Four days later, as my church celebrated the Feast of the Epiphany, I stood outside my front door after Mass with my 2-year-old and 8-month-old and my parents, holding a blessed piece of chalk and prayed over my home, choking back tears. My parents had their arms on my shoulders and must have been thinking, “Our daughter has a long journey ahead of her.”

As I held that chalk and prayed, my heart was searching. I knew it was for Jesus, but on the surface I desired the earthly versions of security, comfort, peace and love. The magi searched for the newborn king of the Jews, but I have to believe that deep down, they knew they were in search of more. Their journey was long and surely difficult, as are many of our current paths. Sometimes while we are on that path, we hit moments like their encounter with King Herod where Satan wants us to sacrifice our relationship with Jesus, but like the magi, we just have to cooperate with God’s grace to know when to turn a different direction back to safety.

When the magi came to find Jesus with His beautiful Mother they knew they had found more than just an earthly king. Often, we have an epiphany about Jesus or the person of God while in the midst of some of our most painful moments. But just as those three men no longer had to search because their journey was over, the same is true for us. If we come to know Jesus as our security, comfort, peace, our love… the search is over. He is found and so are we.


Is there a part of your life where you need to search for Jesus and realize the fullness of His love?


Thank you, Lord for the gift of your son, our King. Gently lead us to Jesus and open our eyes and hearts so we can realize more deeply the love and peace that can be found in Him.


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Abby Brundage is a single-mother of two little boys. Since January of 2008 she has hosted “The Big, Big House Morning Show” on Spirit FM 90.5, the radio ministry of the Catholic Diocese of St. Petersburg in Florida. The show mixes music, inspiration, humor and family fun! You can hear Abby weekdays, 6-10am, EST and read her blog here.


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  1. Abby, thank you for this heart-felt reflection. Your question is a thought provoking one. It reminds me in moments of brokenness to turn to Christ for his love and consolation. This line “like the magi, we just have to cooperate with God’s grace to know when to turn a different direction back to safety” was a particular blessing for me today. Thank you for leading me in a time of beautiful prayer!

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