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On a Sunday in late December, my son and I were attending Mass. After the homily, right after we finished saying all we believe, my nine-year-old son leaned over to me and said in a whisper, “Mom, I really feel happy in church,” with a big smile on his face. I smiled back, nodded  and tried to return my attention to the Mass.

I say “tried” because his kind, sincere, happy, words lingered in my head and made me smile for the rest of Mass. To be honest I never thought my son would say that to me ever. Furthermore, do any of us really think that or  say that or anything like that to each other ever about Mass?

Often, as moms, we are  trying to figure out how to get our kids to Mass and keep them engaged there but do we ever describe Mass as a happy time in our Sunday?

His words made me think that maybe I should focus on Mass as a happy time instead of thinking of it as something I attend on Sunday and need to accomplish. After all, Mass is a place where I experience Jesus in a wonderful way. He allows me, who is such a sinner in more ways than one, to receive him. Thankfully due to this sacrament I can keep him very close to me as I go through my day-to-day trials. It is because of this opportunity that I believe I can have better days and am able to carry my crosses and try to find the positives in circumstances and people.

I thank God that he reminded me of what a privilege it is to be at Mass every Sunday, and daily if possible, through my son’s words.


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Elizabeth Estrada, a public school teacher, is an avid reader and enjoys crafting. She serves as a Catechist and resides in the Diocese of Dallas with her son Agustin.


  1. I have always seen my time in church as contentment and peacefulness. A time when everything that has been weighing me down or stressing me out during the week gives itself to God and I am left feeling content in His presence.

  2. I don’t ever recall Mass time being an “unhappy” time for me. My mother loved to go to Mass early. That in itself should have made me unhappy for having to get out of bed early on a Sunday morning, but it didn’t.

    As I began to learn more about Church history, figuring-out the structure of the Mass, and listening and comprehending what the priest was talking about, Mass became even more interesting.

    I remember being in grade school and having to go to Mass prior to going to any fun school event. How could a kid keep still and pay attention to the Mass when they were so excited for the upcoming activities? It was “cruel!” As I got to be an older kid I realized that the Mass was a great celebration and that it was an exciting event in and of itself. It seemed to be a good start to the school activity.

    Perhaps all parents should arrange for their children a personal tour of their parish church, introduce them to their parish priests and religious, and give them tidbits of information about the Mass. This may solidify to them that their church, its members, and the Mass can be a happy experience much like Elizabeth’s son is experiencing.

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