Daily Gospel Reflection for January 23, 2016


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Today’s Gospel: Mark 3:20-21

After beginning his public ministry of healing and preaching, Jesus returns home and again finds himself surrounded by an unexpected crowd of people. He is also met by his close friends and relatives who see Jesus’ new lifestyle as foolish. They feel he is giving up all that he and his family has worked for to begin the “work the Heavenly Father.”

In a similar manner, we are all called to give up some of our security at the risk of being judged, ignored, or opposed by even those we love. In my own life, I graduated from college with plans to become a doctor. When I felt a calling to spend a year in a foreign mission followed by entering religious life, some people questioned my discernment. The hardest critic was myself as I often dismissed the idea that the Lord would ever ask me to give up years of hard work to pursue this uncertain future. It seemed too illogical. It was not until after I made the leap of faith that I experienced the fullness of peace that longed for.

We may not be called to spend the rest of our lives doing preaching and healing ministries, but we are asked to go against social norms at times to live out our Christian identity. This is much easier said than done and it is a calling we must say yes to each day. Whether we are making a life decision or deciding between if we should spend some time today in Eucharistic adoration instead of going to a social activity, the decision isn’t easy. When we surrender our will to the Father, even in those little moments, the Lord grants us peace and the grace to face the judgments and opposition of society, relatives, and ourselves.


Are we willing to say yes to the Lord today in whatever he calls us to, even at risk our reputation? Are we willing to step into the unknown and possibly be called a fool for the Lord?


Lord Jesus, thank you for your example of obedience and total abandonment to the Father’s will amidst adversity. Grant me the strength to do the Father’s will, especially in times of uncertainty or opposition.


Copyright 2016 Br. Joseph Marie Krilich

Br. Joseph Marie is a 24-year-old who is currently a novice with the Third Order Regular Franciscan religious community in Loretto, PA. He received an undergraduate degree in Chemistry, played collegiate soccer, and spent a year as a missionary teacher in Belize for a year before coming to Loretto last year. When he is not the chapel or class, he enjoys cycling, soccer, playing guitar, and the occasional opportunities to spend a little time hanging out outside of the novitiate.


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