Catholic Audio Stories: Helping Moms Help Their Kids

Copyright 2016 Regina Martyrum Productions. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Copyright 2016 Regina Martyrum Productions. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

For Moms who are trying to do things in the right way, life can be challenging. There’s a constant tension between getting something done and giving nurturing attention to the little hands and hearts that deserve it.

That’s where Regina Martyrum Productions comes into play. Regina Martyrum Productions is a Catholic business that offers audio dramas on lives of the saints enrapturing attentions and feeding imaginations of youngsters around the world. Started over 20 years ago, they’ve been offering feature-length audio stories similar to BBC’s classics but with one small difference… it’s not Aslan who’s the focus. The focus is on St. Philomena, St. Dominic Savio, Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Isaac Jogues, St. Gerard, St. Jude, and more!

We have downloaded 4 stories (so far!) and the whole family has been so captivated by them all. The stories of the Saints are beautiful and inspiring on their own, but with the addition of all the fantastic sounds and music, we travel through time to join them. Very exciting way to learn the Saints. We can’t wait to experience them all!Candice

Complete with sound effects, music, and a full cast, each audio play unravels the rich history of the Catholic Church. Popular with Catholic Moms in the United States, Canada, and even Australia and England, these stories are perfect for road trips, story time, and listening to in the car.

Our family loves the story of St. Philomena. They did a wonderful job telling her story, just like all the rest of their audio books! I recommend it to all my mommy friends. Perfect for those rainy days or car rides.Katie

Regina Martyrum Productions differs from other companies in that their stories aren’t spoken audiobooks. Each story is packed full of dialogue, sound effects, and music that pulls anyone’s attention into the scene. Both entertaining and educational, these audio stories are sure to impress your children with the strong standards and virtues of the Church Triumphant. In an age when fewer read, and good entertainment is scarce, Regina Martyrum Productions offers a much-welcomed approach and a refreshing respite for the busy homemaker.

My boys hang on to every word whenever they listen to Ondessank. In fact, I catch myself getting caught up in the story every time it’s played as well! Ondessank has lots of action that absolutely fascinates the boys, and has them playing “Indians and Missionaries” for hours afterwards and, from what I’ve been told, even at school! An absolute favorite!Anna

So if you just need to get that load of dishes done, finish the laundry, or give your kids the wholesome entertainment they need, visit Regina Martyrum Productions website and start your own collection of favorite saints’ stories.


Now through Saturday January 30th, Regina Martyrum Productions is having a “Buy 2 Stories Get 2 FREE” sale for stories with a $19.95 value.

About the author:

Joe Carroll is the second-generation owner-operator of Regina Martyrum Productions. Joined by his wife, Mary, he re-established the distribution of these audio plays in hopes of allowing Catholic homes around the world to enjoy each saint’s legacy in dramatized format. Using the ever-lowering thresholds of technology for direct download distribution, Joe and Mary plan on expanding Regina Martyrum Productions’ reach and furthering the product line of dramatized audio stories. For direct contact, submit a form on the Regina Martyrum Production’s contact page.


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