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Our parish celebrated the first of two First Holy Communion weekends this week. Rather than receiving for the first time as a class, families choose their usual Sunday Mass for First Communion. This is a beautiful way for the whole parish community to celebrate this very important event in a child’s life. Many parishioners stopped to greet the little girl who received her First Communion at the Mass I attended.

I always wished that my children had the opportunity to receive First Holy Communion at a Sunday Mass rather than in a whole-class setting on a Saturday morning when the rest of the community was not there. My First Communion was at a Sunday Mass, and I was the only one receiving for the first time that day. I felt comfortable being at the Mass I usually attended, with my family around me, rather than being in the middle of a whole class.

How does your parish celebrate First Communion? Do children receive as a class or does this sacrament take place during a Sunday Mass?

Please share your answers and experiences in the comment box below.


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  1. Our Diocese celebrates First Communion and Confirmation at the same time (restored order), so the Bishop is present. In our parish, children receive on the same day as their class, typically during one of the Sunday masses. They go forward with their families, rather than as a class, for the Eucharist after all going forward together to be confirmed. We also celebrate baptisms for children during a normal Sunday mass as a community, which I love (especially when I know the family well enough to hold a newly baptized baby – they smell so good).

    • I also love when we have baptisms during the Sunday Mass. One of the priests who used to serve our parish rightly made a big deal of those, reminding the whole congregation that we are that baby’s family in Christ and we are all to support the faith life of that child.

  2. Our parish has always had the children make their First Communion in the Saturday morning ceremonies (as I did as a child). This is the first year that our parish is having the children make their communion during one of 4 Sunday masses and I am so intrigued. I have always thought that it would be wonderful for the parish as a whole to celebrate these children and now these lucky children will get to have their family & friends there AND the rest of the parish will get to celebrate them as well, Happy day!

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