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My husband and I went to both movies in the “God’s Not Dead” series and both were terrific with amazingly real messages. The first movie, God’s Not Dead, takes place at a college where a philosophy professor makes all the students sign a piece of paper saying that God is dead in order to eradicate this issue from any class discussions in the future. To my surprise every single student obeys this professor, except one. As the story goes along, this student ends up sacrificing lots of friendships and even family in order to stay true to his convictions. A true social martyr of modern times, indeed. There are those who would never consider, when the going gets too close for comfort, to stand by their own values and beliefs.

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The second movie, God’s Not Dead 2, takes place in a public high school. Some of the original characters return, but there are new ones that I think you will love; Pat Boone, for one. A teacher answers a student’s question during a discussion about Martin Luther King comparing how Jesus spoke about the same things in the same way. The teacher agreed and quoted a few scripture verses and went on with the class. Another student tattled, and the teacher was put on administrative leave without pay and faced a trial.

The young attorney assigned to defend the teacher realized during the middle of the trial that it was not to prove she didn’t to anything wrong, it was to prove that God is not dead, that he truly is alive and truly lived in those days and truly said, taught, and preached these teachings about Christianity. Not to spoil the movie for anyone who hasn’t seen it, I will end my details about the movie here, but go on to say that this has and will continue to happen in our cities across this nation if we don’t get a handle on it now.

There are way too many of us who know without a doubt that God is alive and kicking ass where He needs to in the world. There are way too many people who feel His presence in their lives daily, if not hourly. There are way too many people who are giving up their lives in the service of Jesus Christ every day completely elated and spiritually charged living for him to ignore.

At the end of each movie, the Newsboys come out and sing God’s Not Dead and ask everyone who believes that God is not dead, to text everyone they know that God is NOT dead. Well, I got excited each time and texted a few of my people…if you didn’t get a text, I’m sorry, I meant to text you, but just didn’t have your number…sigh…

Please do see this movie. If you haven’t seen the first one, that’s OK; you won’t lose much if you only see this one for now. It is a great movie, good acting, and believe me, it is a great message that needs to be spread far and wide! See the movie!! And text me, if you have my number!

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