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My older two children are no longer teenagers, and they’ve both made no secret of the fact that they use Snapchat to share photos and jokes with their friends. Now, the reason I began using social media at all was to keep up with my kids. I managed just fine with Facebook and Twitter, but Snapchat mystifies me.

Part of it is that I don’t have a lot of time to figure out this app, which I find complicated (I’m always choosing the wrong icon and winding up where I don’t want to be). Part of it is that I much prefer words to pictures or video. And maybe part of it is that I’m just not that motivated.

I should get motivated, because my 14-year-old uses Snapchat too.

Do you Snapchat? Share the pros and cons of this social-media app.

Please share your answers and experiences in the comment box below.

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  1. Our daughter is only 9 and we do not allow her the private use of any digital device be it ipod, ipad, computer, phone, etc. HOWEVER, we know our time in this void is limited. I am VERY VERY interested in what like-minded mothers are saying about Snapchat and ALL social media avenues. I am 100% opposed, but I think I’d rather allow some use and “be in the circle” than to create an environment where she feels compelled to be sneaky because of external social pressures. PLEASE SHARE!

    • Hi Sheri, Our children weren’t allowed on any social media sites until they were a freshman in HS, nor did they get a phone until Freshman year. There are so many social media outlets out there and my husband and I didn’t want to have to keep track of all three of our children on all of them, so we chose FB. The main reason for choosing FB is that we could be friends and I could monitor what they were posting. The little that we did research about the other sights, we didn’t care for. Of course, nothing is 100% foolproof, 100% safe. You really have to do your homework. One thing I strongly suggest is Covenant Eyes. It’s a filter that allows us to use settings that are age appropriate that filter out junk like porn. We get a report each week of the sites that are not “acceptable” to our standards/settings that were chosen. The good news is that your daughter is 9 and you have time to research everything, but the time slips by fast. Hope this helps, good luck.

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