Daily Gospel Reflection for July 28, 2016


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Today’s Gospel: Matthew 13, 47-53

In describing the kingdom of God as a treasure and a pearl of great value, the two parables before this one assures us that Heaven (aka, arriving at the Beatific Vision) is invaluable and worth everything we have to attain it.

Today’s Gospel describes the kingdom of Heaven as a fishing net which gathers in fish of all kinds. Here the kingdom of God is not only our goal when life is done, but also the Church that helps us throughout our life.

The Church gathers in all kinds of fish. Some are quite plain; others are quite colorful; still others can do amazing things like fly or swim upstream against the strongest of currents. All are welcomed.

Keep in mind, fish cannot judge other fish. How dare the colorful fish think the dull fish is less valuable and doesn’t belong swimming in the ocean. Nor should the plain fish think the flying fish is crazy. And the salmon shouldn’t think the clown fish a fool. God has created all of them, each with its own gift and purpose.

We are swimming with all kinds of fish. Every person within the Church has God-given gifts; each one of us is unique.  Let us encourage one another to, as Dori from Finding Nemo would say, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming, until at last we are drawn ashore.

Then, there will be judgment, but we will not be the judges. Upon God’s command, angels will separate the good from the bad. The fate of the fallacious fish is horrible, being thrown into a fiery furnace never to be burned up, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth for all eternity.

So let us encourage and pray for one another. Let us be zealous for the salvation of souls.


What can I do today to help someone in my life in their pursuit of the kingdom of God?


Heavenly Father, thank you for making me unique, with my own gifts that will help me attain my heart’s desire of seeing You face to face. May I use my gifts to also encourage others on their journey to the heavenly shores of Your kingdom. Amen.


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Kelly has been a Dominican Sister of St. Cecilia in Nashville, an education coordinator for a Catholic Charities’ program for pregnant teens, a middle school teacher, a director of religious education and is now a youth minister. Her most challenging and rewarding calling, though, is wife and mother of ten children. What she has learned, she blogs at CatholicMom.com.


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