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Our kids attend Catholic school and get most of their faith formation there. I want to start doing more at home and am not sure where to start! My husband is on board but will definitely just follow my lead. Is there a book or resource you would recommend? I appreciate your help!

First of all, I want to commend our reader for actively seeking ways to nurture her family’s faith at home. We are our children’s primary teachers in faith, regardless of whether they attend Catholic school or participate in parish faith-formation programs. The foundation of faith you provide at home should be supported in the Catholic-school or faith-formation program environment–but children need that foundation at home.

I’d like to recommend that this reader, and anyone who wants to nurture their family’s faith at home, start by checking out The Catholic Catalogue by Melissa Musick and Anna Keating. It was our book-club pick this spring and is an excellent resource on faith-building activities for the family.

The Catholic Catalogue: A Field Guide to the Daily Acts That Make Up a Catholic Life

What other ideas and resources can you share with our reader? Please share your answers and experiences in the comment box below.

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  1. What a lovely heart you have! 🙂 Prayers BF meals and bed time bring God into some of the most grounding moments in a child’s life.

    During the day at spontaneous moments, begin to say out loud “thank you God” for what ever pops into your mind… the sunset-the car full of groceries-the ability to play and be apart of a community sports team-your child will pick it up that He is the reason for all things and to Whom our glory is always due. Try and also thank God out loud for something not so pleasant, and let the kids hear you say “Thank you for the patience this is building in me” (or any other fitting virtue) instead of a murmuring disposition. And finally- does the family attend Mass each week? This seems a basic idea, but is truly “the source and summit” of our faith. To leave it ONLY to the school to mold in the faith and yet the family does not even keep holy the Sabbath- it is like taking two steps forward and 2000 steps backward! WINK! 😉 Many blessings as we all try and build better our domestic churches by God’s grace and MARY’S gentle coaxing. <

  2. Claus de Romero on

    We recibe every moth the Heralds of the Gospel Magazine. It has a lot of Catholics articles, most of them help the family to know their faith, also it has a part for children. They include a children’s story, each month is written by diferent young person of the Heralds community, and teach the family, specially the kids to by mercy and kind, they call it “Story’s for kids (or full of faith adults?)
    About the Heralds community, they are the ones who take a our Lady of Fatima image to the hospitals, prisons, sick people at their home, etc.
    You can visit their page for more information
    Here in Guatemala they have a lots activities for the family, for a minimum amount.

  3. Start praying the rosary at home and prayers before meals and at bedtime if you aren’t already. Read books aloud about our faith, the saints, Mary. Watch the children’s movies by CCC. They’re great.

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