Daily Gospel Reflection for September 26, 2016


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Today’s Gospel: Luke 9, 46-50

I have been an overachiever for as long as I can remember. As a child, I almost always excelled in school and I always followed the rules. I did extremely well in college, taking more credits than was required. After graduate school, I committed myself to my career and made impressive achievements in a short amount of time.

After 3 years of working full time and 2 months of marriage, I received the unexpected blessing of a child from God. Since becoming a mother three years ago, I’ve had to sacrifice my previous pursuit of greatness. While I still work part-time, I’ve had to learn to let go of some of my previous goals, and exercise patience with others.

As mothers we often feel pressure to “do it all,” or to be the “best” mom, and sometimes we may be successful. However, the seemly simple, mundane tasks of motherhood are what have truly helped me grow the most in this life. Serving my children has nourished my soul more than any other achievement of greatness. This is often difficult to admit, because recognition for greatness provides a satisfaction that is so immediately gratifying. However, after only a short amount of time I find myself seeking another achievement, or other recognition.

Watching my children grow, experiencing the love they have for my husband and I, and helping them to know and love God, provides much more lasting fulfillment. There will always be days when parenting feels like an under appreciated, thankless effort, but the Gospel today reminds us that the commitment to motherhood brings us closer to God each and every day.


What pursuits of greatness, recognition, or admiration are you pursuing that may be preventing you from truly receiving God? In what ways is God calling you to serve the least among us?


Dear God, today help me to find joy in serving others, especially my children and family. Help me to grow in humility and let go of my desire for greatness. Amen.


Copyright 2016 Theresa Carroll

Theresa is a part-time working, cradle Catholic mom of two (soon to be three) littles living in Chicagoland. She occasionally blogs at In Search of Simpler. You can also find her on Twitter: @searchofsimpler and Instagram: @Tessie845.


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