Daily Gospel Reflection for January 7, 2017


Today’s Gospel: John 2:1-11

At the wedding feast at Cana, Jesus performed the first miracle of his public ministry, which is significant. This is how Jesus chose to first demonstrate his authority over the natural world, and it garnered the belief of the disciples (vs. 11). It was a miracle of transformation. Jesus could have just said the word and made wine appear in the jars; but he didn’t. He had the empty jars filled “to the brim” with water, and then he changed the water into wine.

When I think about how Jesus works in my life, I see a theme of transformation as well. In fact, the miracles in my life are often as much about the process of transformation as they are about the end result. He knows what I have. He knows what I lack. And he knows what I need. He takes what I have, provides what I lack, and turns it into what I need.

Sometimes He turns simple efforts into big results. Other times He transforms heart-breaking experiences into avenues of tremendous grace. And then some days He simply works with my willingness to show up, changing my heart of stone into one of love.

We are in constant need of Christ’s transforming love and provision for us. Our provisions will run out; our efforts will fall short. We will need what only Jesus can do for us. And he will be faithful to do it. He just asks us to bring what we have and, as Mary instructed the servants, to “do whatever he says.”


What do I have to bring to Jesus, and what is he asking me to do with it?


Jesus, remind me that you are faithful to supply all of my needs. I give you what I have today, and I ask you to make it what you want it to be.


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