Your Relationship with Technology: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

"Your Relationship with Technology: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly" review by Gina Felter (

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At the heart of “Your Relationship with Technology: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” in Catholic Conference 4 Women’s “Relationships” series is the reminder of the significance of the human connection. In sharing her uses of technology for prayer, founder Lisa Hendey appeals to viewers to “go beyond the written word . . . and connect with, in a more real sense, the face” of friends.

The emoji hug cannot physiologically suffice an in-person hug where all senses are stimulated, simultaneously activating and releasing those feel-good hormones. We are a communal people and connecting with others is in our nature. In the development and nurturing of such communions we are building connections that transcend the confines of human relationships. Lisa clarifies the good that has come from our use of technology and how we have been able to “bridge . . . geographical gaps” with social media communications. Despite this, Lisa warns these relationships should never take precedence over real life relationships right before us. Lisa continues to lead us back to upholding our primary relationships with those sitting right before us, those we can give the most honor to with our presence.

In a group setting, the topic of “Your Relationship with Technology” opens the doors for a closer examine of how we as individuals have used technology to build relationships. By contrast, we can also take the opportunity to see where we have been less than charitable with our use of technology and resolve to make the necessary changes. Gathered brothers and sisters in Christ can help hold us accountable and may even shed some light on overcoming the pitfalls of technology overuse. The vulnerability that comes with admitting our shortcomings spurs the opportunities for collaboration and support from others: the cornerstone for building a solid foundation of transcendent relationships.

Happy building, friends.

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