Daily Gospel Reflection for March 1, 2017 - Ash Wednesday


Today’s Gospel: Matthew 6:1-6, 16-18 – Ash Wednesday

Today’s reading ushers us into the season of Lent. In it, Jesus presumes something about us. He presumes that we wish to pursue piety and righteousness. He says “[w]hen you give alms”, “when you fast”, and “when you pray”, as though He knows that in our pursuit of holiness and piety we will readily give, abstain, and pray. These presumptions point us gently toward the path of piety. When you give alms, fast, and pray, you are pursuing holiness and Christ Himself.

He promises us with a secret reward. What is the reward we receive in secret? We become a part of the work God is doing in this world, and in a deeper sense, our reward is Christ Himself.

During this Lenten season, dedicate yourself to knowing God through prayer, fasting, and alms. Do much or choose something small. Whatever God inspires, God will reward. Turn from sin and be faithful to the Gospel.


How can I seek to know God more deeply during this season of Lent?


O God, I give to You out of my neediness. I fast for You out of my hunger for You. I pray out of my ignorance that I may know You. Amen.


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Linda Lobmeyer is a single Catholic laywoman and attorney practicing law in her hometown in southwest Kansas. She enjoys spending time with her many nieces and nephews, writing poetry, and all things outdoors.

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  1. Christina Fransua on

    Happy 1st day of Lent ladies!! Stay strong and focused the next 40 days and beyond. Keeping you all in my prayers!!

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