Daily Gospel Reflection for March 13, 2017


Today’s Gospel: Luke 6:36-38

Here Jesus calls us to the same type of generosity that God displays toward us. We’re not called to give what is fair or equitable. We’re not called to keep score, or to measure our good deeds, our acts of love. On God’s scales, we are told, “good measure” is more than a precise measurement of what is requested or required. God is not a scientist conducting experiments or a baker following an exacting recipe.

In order to love as God does, we are called to give so much love that, to contain it, we would have to pack it down like brown sugar into a measuring cup, or shake it down like flour, so that we can fit even more love into the space available.


Am I measuring out the bare minimum? How can I be more generous with my love?


Help me today, Lord, to focus on loving rather than condemning, on giving and forgiving rather than judging. Help me to love abundantly and generously.


Copyright 2017 Barb Szyszkiewicz, OFS

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