How To Create (And Maintain) Flow And Abundance In Your Life And Biz

"How To Create (And Maintain) Flow And Abundance In Your Life And Biz" by Christina Weber (

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Half of the key to happiness and success is understanding what you want. The other half is to take action to get it.

Describing your ideal work and personal day taps you into the simple things that make an ordinary day extraordinary. For me those include:

  • waking up early enough to go to mass and do my prayers without having to use an alarm clock
  • walking my dog Daisy every day
  • cuddling up with Daisy for a 20-minute siesta
  • reading for pleasure 20 minutes
  • reading the newspaper
  • exercising
  • eating healthy
  • having quality conversations and interactions with people I love.

When done consistently, life feels pretty rich no matter what else is going on.

But when I don’t make the time, I feel like the tail being wagged by the dog, like my life is controlling me versus the other way around. It leaves me feeling unsettled and uncomfortable.

But even the way I work and deal with the responsibilities in my life can fit or not fit into my “ideal day.”

The two biggies here are “abundance” and “flow.”

In abundance, there is enough time, money, space, etc. to do everything God is asking me. All of my needs and many of my wants are being taken care of. I experience “give us this day our daily bread” on a daily basis. I’m reassured that everyone I spoke to or didn’t have time to speak to was exactly who God did or did not want me to connect with. At the end of the work my work is done, because God enabled me to finish the important and critical tasks.

An abundant state of mind leads to “flow.”

Flow is when you drive by the dry cleaners and when the pants in your car that need to be cleaned. It’s when the meeting lasts longer than you plan and your blood sugar is dipping and you have a KIND bar in your purse.

Flow allows you to find things, transition well, and have a sense that you are doing the right thing at the right time and all is good.  It’s transitioning to one task to the next effortlessness following your natural rhythm, working on your priorities first, rather letting someone else’s agenda drive you.

Delicious, isn’t it?!

Now you will want to put those things in your ideal day description, too!

The reality is while abundance and flow sometimes just appear in your life, when you do these three things, they tend to be present most of the time:

  1. Plan – A clear vision of where you want to go and step-by-step plan to get there you activates your unconscious. You experience the abundance of today, but also anticipate the greater abundance of the future. You are programming your brain to seek out everything you need to manifest that abundance without a whole lot of conscious thought on your part.
  2. Listen – When you see yourself as an ambassador for Christ you accept that your plans are just a blueprint. At any time the head engineer can make changes to those plans. Your job is to listen and act on those changes. The tip here is to stay with a mindset of abundance and listen to and follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit when you are in that state. When you are in a fear or poverty mental state, you’ll get promptings too– only those aren’t coming from God. It’s Satan trying to do his best to keep you in fear and in the belief that God doesn’t care about you, your business, and every detail of your life.
  3. Act – Recognize the distinct voices of abundance (God) and poverty (the Evil One) and take any reasonable, yet possibly inconvenient action God is telling you to do. God will sift through all of your conflicting priorities, inadequacies, and insecurities. Taking each Holy Spirit-inspired step leaves you confident and even more skilled at recognizing the multitude of ways God is communicating with you on a daily basis.

Experiencing a greater percentage of my time looking more like my ideal day and surrendering to abundance and flow not only feels great, but it is leading to better and better business results.

Christian Biz Owners on Fire Biz and Life Tip: You can change your state from poverty to abundance simply by willing it and taking control of the thoughts coming into your head. Will it and then plan, listen, and act on the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

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