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My first novel, A Miracle for St. Cecilia’s, was released by Penguin Publishers in 2002 and started a writing career that continues to garner readers.

Books had been my anchor in the storm during difficult times, and I clamored to created story lines that would deeply touch the heart and souls of readers and allowed them to escape to a place filled with kind, warmhearted folks and lovable characters. Much to my delight, readers’ have highly praised my work and constantly clamor for more faith-filled stories.

Shortly after the release of my first book, I received an email from Lisa Hendey who explained that she had begun a Catholic moms’ webpage and asked if I would write a small piece about my novel that she could post. I was thrilled to oblige. I am even more thrilled to see how has expanded to touch the lives of so many mothers.

So, when I was looking for a way to get the word out about my new book, Why I Believe in Miracles, I knew whom to call.

Over the last 15 years of my writing career, I have written predominately inspirational novels. There is nothing I love more than creating an uplifting, faith-inspiring story that touches the heart of readers and provides new revelations of God’s love.

Four years ago, I felt it was time to share my personal faith story that began in 1981 when I was sent home to die of cancer, had a personal encounter with God and awoke healed, a healing that doctors could not explain. He also gave me two simple messages to ‘share with the world’ . . . me . . . a simple Connecticut housewife who had left the Catholic Church as a teen.

Besides being an author, I am also a Catholic speaker and for many years I have shared my personal story around the country to showcase that God’s arm has not shortened. Regardless of what we might face in life…a health crisis, financial ruin, relationships problems…we do not face it alone. God is walking right beside us. How do I know that?

Well now . . . there’s a good story.

Why I Believe in Miracles depicts a spiritual journey filled with equal parts laughter, pathos and miracles. And most importantly, the amazing power resident in all of us just waiting to be tapped through the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

If you are expecting a religious tome or a story that elevates the writer to sainthood, this isn’t that book.

Why I Believe in Miracles is an honest, no holds barred, account of a search to know Jesus as he was known by his disciples. A true story that I pray will be an inspiration to readers to step-out in faith and claim God’s promised that if we dared to believe and refuse to doubt, truly ‘all’ things are possible.

Oh . . . and remember God’s edict to share His two messages ‘with the world’? With the release of my first book in 2002, it was posted on the new technological marvel called ‘The Web’ through my webpage, some 21 year later.

Why I Believe in Miracles and my other books can be found on and on

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About the author: Katherine Valentine is a popular speaker whose amazing personal story of a miraculous healing in 1981 and the 35-year faith journey that followed has inspired audiences around the country to trust God and find victory over whatever seemingly insurmountable challenges they might face through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. Visit her website to learn more about her books and speaking schedule.




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