"Jacinta's Miracle Veil" Celebrates the Story of Fatima



A new heart-warming book will be released on April 24 – one that will help children to appreciate their moms and dads more but first and foremost, Jesus and Mary!

I recall having no thought in my head to write a book and was simply taking a break from the fine-art work at hand, when I began to doodle a little girl’s face. Soon I was putting a First Communion dress and veil on her. Then the thought occurred to me, “This could be a nice cover for a children’s book!”

Out of the blue, (“blue for Our Lady,” I maintain) the whole story line flooded my mind and a book was born. Well, sort of! This was over four years ago. I knew I had to do the illustrating but had a kind of lethargy, thinking I was not trained for such. Finally a friend admonished me, reminding me that my gift of fine art was a sudden grace God gave me just seven years earlier. So I began to pray for guidance and indeed, once I began, truly felt directed.

The story is about a little girl about to make her First Communion, but she thinks it’s all about the dress. Her mother sacrifices her wedding gown to make a Communion dress for Jacinta but she pouts, thinking it’s not good enough. She wants to look “like a princess” and stand out from the rest of the girls. So Mama prays the Rosary, asking Our Lady’s help and soon, the treasure hunt for Great Grandma’s veil begins!

Copyright 2016 Nellie Edwards. Used with permission. All rights reserved.

When Jacinta gets discouraged, Mama tells her about Blessed Jacinta Marto and the Fatima message. Jacinta’s heart begins to be reoriented and she realizes how she has hurt her mother by her lack of gratitude and asks her forgiveness. On her First Communion day, Jacinta makes a touching declaration of faith in the the Real Presence of Christ.

Other important lessons little Jacinta learns will help children to better understand the power of prayer, the need for humility, Divine Providence, the role of Mary as advocate and appreciation for parents. Some parents too, will perhaps realize they can and should do more to help nurture their children spiritually. This a book to be enjoyed year-round.

Copyright 2016 Nellie Edwards. Used with permission. All rights reserved.

This makes a great gift for First Communion, especially since the last two pages have a place for a photo, a prayer of thanks to Jesus, which the child can sign, and a place to put the date, name of pastor and parish name.

If your child has already received First Communion, give it to renew their sense of wonder and thankfulness and of course, to deepen their devotion to Our Lady of Fatima, as we approach the 100th Anniversary!

Jacinta’s Declaration of Faith

A miracle veil I prayed for
So all would notice me
I’m thankful for my parents
Who helped me truly see

The miracle is Jesus’ love
His life, poured out for me 
His Body, Blood and Soul
And His Divinity

I know that I am special
Not due to dress of lace
But just because He loves me
A miracle of grace

From “Jacinta’s Miracle Veil”
Copyright 2017 Nellie Edwards


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Copyright 2017 Nellie Edwards

About the author: Nellie Edwards is known nationally for her prolife and sacred art. This is her first book. Visit her website at FatimaChildrensBooks.com.



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