Daily Gospel Reflection for April 21, 2017


Today’s Gospel: John 21:1-14

At this time, Jesus had already risen from the dead and had appeared to the disciples twice in the upper room. Yet, now these same apostles had returned to their hometown of Galilee and resumed their previous routine – fishing – or should I say, unsuccessful fishing! In fact, a whole night without catching one fish. Then they heeded the advice of a friendly stranger who told them to cast their net once more. It wasn’t until they neared the shoreline that one disciple recognized Jesus and told Peter, “It is the Lord.” At that point, an excited Peter jumped out of the boat and ran to the shore!

If generous hospitality is the warm reception of friends or strangers, I would say that Jesus exemplifies that to the full. Remember, no fish had yet been brought ashore, yet Jesus had fish and bread ready to eat!

We need to recognize that Jesus is still in our midst! He wants to meet us in our hometowns as we go about our daily routines – often unsuccessfully! Jesus is ready to offer his friendly advice and radical hospitality as he invites us to “Come, have breakfast.”


Are you being called to spend more prayer time with Jesus daily or to receive the Holy Eucharist more frequently during the week?


Lord, help me get out of my boat so that I may run be with you and receive the “Breakfast of Champions” that you have prepared for me.


Copyright 2017 Brenda Kindelan

Brenda Kindelan gladly heads the Memphis Women’s Morning of Spirituality, gives talks, leads retreats, goes to prison (ministry), hunts for bargains, and prays at her kitchen table with friends! She married Juan 44 years ago. They have 4 daughters and 6 grandchildren. Find out why she’s one of Therese’s little flowers at brendakindelan.com.

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