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One of my never-ending tasks is whipping my inbox into shape. It’s truly a one-step-forward-two-steps-back proposition, and it’s one I’m hoping to make serious headway on this summer.

The trouble is, I often find a gem in an e-mail I might otherwise delete. Most of the time, I find great articles featured in a newsletter round-up, but one recent find was a website that made quotes fun. takes your words (or someone else’s) and makes them visual. Simply type in the text, choose a template and voila! Instant graphic.

Don’t like your first go-round? No worries. They saw that coming. You always have the option to change up the template.

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Why do we need this site? We probably don’t. But I’ve had a lot of fun there, making words look pretty and creating interesting posts for social media. And, since the images can be downloaded, I’m assuming they can be printed out to create inspiration for a work space, Bible quotes for religious education or promotional materials for a business.

If you, like me, are better with words than pictures, is worth checking out. There aren’t a ton of templates, which is both a drawback and an escape hatch. Unless you get caught up in scrolling through their quote collection (organized by topic), it’s not likely that  you’ll spend a lot of time there playing online when you’re supposed to be doing something else.

Not that I’ve ever done that.

If only I could find a way this easy to make my inbox look pretty.

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