Daily Gospel Reflection for July 10, 2017


Today’s Gospel: Matthew 9:18-26

But we are told of meek obedience. No one mentions courage…
Aren’t there annunciations of one sort or another in most lives.
Annunciation by Denise Levertov

“Courage, daughter” were the words spoken to this dear woman. As I was reflecting on today’s Gospel passage I could not get the word “courage” out of my mind. I suddenly realized why. It brought to mind this beautiful poem about the Blessed Mother who is a model of courage. It takes courage to follow Christ.

Can you imagine the scene and the crush of the crowd pushing and shoving? In my mind, it is similar to an audience with the Pope. It was hot, and the suffering woman had on many layers of clothing to disguise herself as she was on a journey of healing. She was desperate and determined persevering with hope and unshakeable faith. It wasn’t easy to get close to this gentle healer as everyone sought him out. She had been living a life of the ostracized and marginalized like many even today. She clearly knew the consequences of her actions yet she knew what she had to do. She would wait for just the right moment to reach out to the Great Physician seeking a miracle. It was a bold move. Then her moment of annunciation came. She was fortified by prayer, “If only I can touch him”. And in that moment, he turned and truly “saw” the beautiful woman made whole.

“And from that hour, the woman was cured”.


Do I have the courage to be touched by Jesus and to touch others with His amazing love?


Dear Lord, I choose to pray boldly for the courage and faith to reach out to You. Amen.


Copyright 2017 Catherine Schipper

Catherine Schipper is a wife and speech therapist working with multiply handicapped preschoolers. She loves the power of words and the beauty they represent. There is nothing like hearing a child say its first words. She feels greatly blessed to be called to a ministry of writing. She is on a journey of dreaming big God-sized dreams.

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