Daily Gospel Reflection for July 19, 2017


Today’s Gospel: Matthew 11:25-27

Hide and seek, peek-a-boo-I-see-you. Oh how we long for the simple games of childhood!

A child learns trust when hiding their face with a blanket or peeking through chubby fingers, that we will return to their sight—we are gone only for a moment. Jesus reveals the Father to us, but only if we are childlike and willing to trust. He does not want us to overanalyze, to overthink, to believe that we can “know” through our own wisdom. He wants us just to have faith, trust and be childlike in our joy!

When was the last time you took the time to play? Play rejuvenates, opening us up to creativity and joy. No wonder Jesus wants us to be more “childlike”.

When I was a child I loved to jump while my friends turned the ends of the rope and my hops were accentuated by the rhymes “Cindereller-dressed-in-yeller-went-downtown-to-meet-her-fellar”. The joy I felt pumping my legs on the swing until the legs of the set rocked back and forth as I gained momentum and traveled higher and faster into the air. The wonderful feel of the chalk as I drew it over a stretch of a cement sidewalk creating a hopscotch board for us all to practice our moves hopping back and forth. Ah—childhood!

What games were your favorites growing up? Why not try one out today? I guarantee you it will bring joy and bring you closer to that childlike love of the Lord.


How will I praise the Lord today?


I praise You, Lord, for the simple games of childhood. Grant me a childlike spirit so that I can better know You and Your Son Jesus today.


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  1. Kelly Guest on

    My favorite childhood game was kickball. My kids would love a game of kickball with Mom. How cool it is to think that we give praise to God simply in playing games!

  2. My “13 going on 21 year old daughter” has a friend, who when they get together, become child-like.
    The chalk comes out, they make up dances (remember making up dances?!!!!), they eat everything in the pantry, they take off on bike rides around the neighborhood. It is such a source of joy, because sadly, it is not only adults today who have forgotten how to play, it is the children…hiding behind screens and plugging their ears, choosing to text over real conversation. Play is a serious thing in the eyes of God…

    this makes me want to run out and buy a jump rope 🙂

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