Daily Gospel Reflection for October 6, 2017


Today’s Gospel: Luke 10:13-16

In today’s scripture passage, Jesus chastises the people of Chorazin, Bethsaida, and Capernaum for their refusal to listen to Him. Jesus has wrought mighty deeds before the people and yet their hearts remain cold and deadened. The people remain unchanged.

Jesus suggests that if these same deeds had been done in other places in Tyre and Sidon, for example, the people who heard His word would have repented. But the people of Chorazin, Bethsaida, and Capernaum? They are stubborn and unmoved.

I can’t help but wonder how I’m like the people of these towns Jesus visited.

What goodness—both big and small—exists before my very eyes that I ignore or am irreverent about?

What mighty deeds has Jesus wrought for me that I refuse to see or I’m distracted and lethargic about?

Is Jesus calling my name, begging me to listen to Him and embrace His call? And am I standing there looking at Him with a blank face and immovable spirit?

On some days, I fear the answer to these questions is “yes.”

Today let me hear the voice of God and let my heart be softened. Let me listen to Jesus and all He has to say.


How well am I listing to the message of Jesus and acting upon it in my life?


Lord, allow me to listen to You and reject the evil one’s lies so that I might be one day exalted in heaven together with You.

Copyright 2017 Colleen Duggan

Colleen Duggan, wife and mother of six children, is a freelance writer for various Catholic publications. She blogs at www.colleenmurphyduggan.com about life as an imperfect mother to many.

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