Small Success: Real Reminders in Real Time


Hello Everyone!

Welcome to another week of Small Success Thursday!

Sometimes, I need real reminders in real time of the purpose of well, everything. The house needed a serious cleaning. The dryer refused to get the loads dry in a timely fashion, leaving a huge back log in work. We needed to pick up a car from its six-week stay in the shop. My daughter required a visit to the doctor’s for x-rays after a fall on the playground. My prayer regimen of a daily rosary had fallen into a daily intention to do a rosary. Even with the good news of no breaks or sprains, I felt tired at the prospect of everything. I needed a refreshment of spirit. I told God I needed help help help because for some reason, everything felt hard, hard, hard.

Thursday night, we attended a Gala for Children’s Hospital, and the stories took me back to 2008 when Paul spent 46 days in the hospital between the wait up to his open heart surgery and the recovery. It made me pause, the time spent waiting seemed like a world away from the nine-year-old who ran a 5K.  Everyone at our table had a story to tell about their own experience at Children’s. The couples at the dinner talked about finding God in the quiet moments when inexplicable peace entered into their hearts while enduring their children’s surgeries and recoveries.

The following day, we decorated our car and took part in a Trunk or Treat at our kids’ school.  On Saturday, we had a track training at the school, music lessons for one, altar serving training for three, two parties for the teens, and helped with a campaign for a friend running for city council. In the evening, three of my kiddos dressed up and I took them to an Evening with Poe, while my husband took the younger ones for a ride up to a pumpkin patch down a spooky road. They came back with a big one.

By Sunday, thoroughly in the Halloween mood, we fine-tuned a few costumes, three served Mass, and we made it to Adaptive CCD where I reunited with an old friend. The parents at the meeting spoke of how their children kept surprising them with what they called whispers of the heart. One child with severe autism would seek out and touch every picture of the Blessed Mother, and loved each one. The parents would not have discovered his devotion if they hadn’t come to the CCD.

The parents at the dinner, dressed in their finest, mirrored the parents in the circle at the parent meeting for adaptive CCD. They were both circles of people knitted together by embracing children others might from a distance view as a cross, and the hallmark of the conversations of both evenings, was joy. It made me very glad on both occasions, we’d made the effort to go out from our routine.

We made ratatouille for dinner and finished off the evening playing video games with a flash back Atari 7 game system. Hearing all the kids laugh as we were destroyed by asteroids, my heart brimmed with the amount of joy we’d crammed into a few days. “This isn’t so hard,” I heard God whisper into my heart.

“Thanks for the help.” I whispered back.

Hope your week was full of Small Successes and help when you needed it.

What small successes are you celebrating this week?

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