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My sister, Winnie, remembered my mother’s impromptu childhood lesson about giving to God until her final days.

The widow in yesterday’s Gospel gives all she has to God and 2,000 years later, we still sing her praises and are inspired and challenged by the story of her gift.

What does it mean to give from our substance rather than our abundance? If we give from our abundance – our “extras” or something we don’t want – we probably won’t feel the same. We are called to give until we can feel the joy of giving.

As a family, think about your “needs” versus your “wants.” You might want to make a list. Ask each family member for ideas about how you can better serve God’s people together with your time, talent and treasure.

May God bless you and your family for all the generous ways you give to and serve God and His people.

(I mention Coco and The Star in the title of my reflection today because I saw those two movies over the holiday weekend and I would recommend them both to your family. If you see one, let me know what you thought!)

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