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I spent this past weekend in Saint Augustine, Florida, witnessing the graduation of my second oldest child. We also took our three youngest to Disney World, and while they enjoyed it, I think they loved charging down the endless stretch of beach even in below-50-degree weather even more. There’s something to running along the shore toward the horizon with no real reason other than the pleasure of chasing sandpipers, something universal. I watched them forget themselves in joy, and it didn’t matter if the child was six, nine with Down Syndrome, ten and sophisticated, or 21 and graduating.

If the world needs anything, it needs more of these sort of moments of unscripted life. I spent the week without access to my computer, and while I missed writing things down, some images (obviously), like watching them run against the pale grey sky and pale grey sea and pale grey sand, with the only color coming from their coats or their laughter, stayed. It was a reminder: my brain can recall things even if I don’t write them down, if I let it have the opportunity to practice.

Watching them enjoy the moment, is something we can forget to do in the process of preparing for Christmas as a celebration. It’s why Advent remains so very necessary. We’re halfway through Advent. It doesn’t feel like it, but it’s true. I admit, I never feel like I have the candles lit often enough. I need the real fires because they force us to be quieter, to be careful; I find myself sitting before the flames, simply watching the fire, the same way my children forgot themselves, chasing the birds.

Forgetting one’s self in the midst of all of this living is a form of prayer. Here’s hoping we remember to forget ourselves, in the presence of beauty, in the presence of joy, in the presence of peace, in the presence of love, in His presence. Here’s hoping we help each other to do the same.

Hope you had a great week full of small successes.

What small successes are you celebrating this week?

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