Daily Gospel Reflection for December 28, 2017 - Holy Innocents


Today’s Gospel: Matthew 2:13-18 – Holy Innocents

This feast day, the Feast of Holy Innocents is a sacred but also emotional one. It always reminds me that my children are not mine, but God’s. As mothers, we are called to care for our children and ultimately give them back to God, their creator. The children who were sacrificed for Christ in the Gospel today serve as a reminder that life is short but the afterlife is eternal. They prepared the way for Him on earth, and Christ, in return, prepared heaven for them. They were the holy souls that were sacrificed for the Lamb of God who died for us. When I read this story, I always think of the mothers who had to trust that this moment was serving a purpose in God’s plan and that He is a God worth trusting, even when the world seems entirely dark.

This is true of my own journey. My life has been full of twists and turns, but I have learned that my job is to trust in Jesus and place all seven of my children in His hands.

In God’s providence, during the second trimester of my second pregnancy, I had walked the same streets in Bethlehem where these mothers experienced such a tremendous trial. It was during a gift from our in-laws, a visit to the Holy Land on pilgrimage during the great Jubilee year. I remember praying for a greater ability to trust in Jesus with my life and my motherhood. I find that even after 17 years, I still utter that same prayer daily. “Jesus, I trust in You.” Motherhood is my vocation that provides me opportunities to grow closer to Christ through the joys and sorrows of my life. All of my children are just on loan from the Savior and this feast day is a reminder that all children are a gift and have value.


Do I cherish my children as a gift and remember to entrust them to Christ?


Dear Lord,
Please help me to remember that my children are a gift on loan from You and my job as their mother is to love them and help them on their journey to Heaven.


Copyright 2017 Emily Jaminet

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