Tools for Your 2018 "Pray More" Resolution


If you’re like me, it’s likely you will spend at least an hour or two over the next few days looking back in recollection over 2017 and planning ahead for the New Year. We “resolution makers” are taught to make “SMART” goals that can be easily tracked over time.

In recent years, I’ve found “Pray More” (or some more eloquent version of same) penned near the top of my resolution list. I’m blessed that my life circumstances these days offer me more time to commit to daily spiritual reading and reflection, but this resolution will again top my list for 2018. Why? Can we ever have enough time with our Creator?

Today, I wanted to share three tools that have personally helped me to be more “disciplined” in my prayer time. To be honest, they may feel a bit self-serving since I’ve been integrally involved in two of them. But I use all three regularly for a reason – they are concise, impactful and designed to acknowledge a busy lifestyle, but also a heart that longs to be one with God.

(Disclaimers: Two of these titles have the word “Mom” in them, but I have plenty of friends who pray with them that are NOT moms. The links here are affiliate links and I earn a small commission on any purchases.)

#1: The Catholic Mom’s Desk Calendar: One-Minute Prayers for Every Day

One Amazon reviewer said of this calendar, “Amazing daily inspirations. Quick and grounding. Not just for Moms; every woman needs one of these for her desk or bedside.”

When I took on the project to write this “page a day” perpetual calendar, I thought, “How hard can it be?” The formula is simple: the date, the liturgical feast if one is being celebrated, a brief quote from scripture, a saint, the catechism, or Church teaching, and a brief personal prayer. I keep mine next to my toothbrush and look at it multiple times per day. Even though it is very brief, I find myself coming back to the theme of the day many times over the course of the day. Find a few reviews of this calendar here and order it here.

An Amazon reviewer recently said of this book, “This book gives me the exact spiritual guidance I need to start each day. Moving, captivating and real.”

#2 The Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion: A Book of Daily Reflections

This book of daily devotions is far easier for me to “promote” because I share author credit with 80 co-authors. Awarded First Place by the Catholic Press Association when it was released in 2016, this book of 300 words per day reflections has something for everyone, because we designed it to reflect the many voices of the faithful. Each reflection includes a quote, a concise yet thought-provoking essay, and reflection questions to ponder in prayer or journaling. This is a gift that keeps on giving, as you find yourself surrounded by a community of souls who journey with you through the busyness of everyday family life. Order the book here.

#3 Pray the Gospel

This really should be number one, because a daily dose of scripture has been the greatest single blessing for my prayer life in 2017. I currently combine a few resources to be in the Word each day:

I’d love to hear from you what your personal and spiritual resolutions are for the New Year, and how you’re planning to achieve those “SMART” goals in 2018. Please share your tips and ideas in the combox or drop me an email. Blessings!

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  1. Carrying forward, I will commit to starting my day with Scripture (daily readings), daily Mass, and weekly Adoration.

    New this year I recently began the 40 Weeks: An Ignatian Path to Christ with Sacred Story book from Fr. William Watson SJ after hearing Sr. Miriam recommend it. I want to pray the Examen each night before bed as well.

    Last year I committed to praying the Rosary daily. I know that I will still pray the Rosary regularly but am not sure that it will be every day. I am still trying to navigate what to keep as part of my regular prayer routines and what to change over time.

  2. Amanda, thank you for the book recommendation of 40 Weeks. I will check that out for sure. I hope you have a terrific 2018!

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