Daily Gospel Reflection for January 9, 2018


Today’s Gospel: Mark 1:21-28

Twice in this Gospel, the word “authority” is mentioned, as the distinguishing mark between Christ’s teaching and that of the scribes of the synagogue. The people of Caparnaum heard authority in Christ’s words, then witnessed it when He challenged and conquered a demon. They knew that here was power beyond anything they had ever experienced.

Now, I love a good bit of wordplay, and the word “authority” is rather intriguing. We don’t often stop to think that this word is related to the noun, “author” – the originator or promoter of a thing, its creator. Christ’s power is rooted in the fact that He is the author, the writer and storyteller, of our lives, our circumstances, and our futures.

So do we recognize His authority in our lives? His power over us, which stems from His eternal love, and His constant holding us in existence? Do we see and love His hand over ours, helping us write our story?


Where in my life do I need Christ’s authority to cleanse a particularly troublesome temptation to sin?


Christ, Author of my life, lead me to recognize Your hand and to embrace your authority over me.

Copyright 2018 Rebecca Willen

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  1. Just woke from a dream of having mother collapse in front of me but still breathing when I called her name. Just lost a close friend that way before Christmas, found barely alive. So I found this site. The “authority” reflection is one I often mentioned, and one a friend and I discussed just yesterday. Thank you for spreading comfort.

  2. I have never made the connection before between author and authority. How cool! Of course Jesus has the authority; He is the Word and the Author. Great thought to ponder and prayer to pray. Thanks, Rebecca.

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