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Welcome back! I know we didn’t get to SST last week, the first week of the school year. Honestly, I lost track of time with having all ten kids home and the bonus of a few snow days on top! I hope all of you had a lovely Christmas season and a promising beginning to the new year.

Small Success Thursday is a means by which we’re supposed to stop and ask the question, “Am I doing little things with great love or am I doing all things with great irritation?” I know sometimes, the answer is, I’m gritting my teeth through the paperwork, through the bills, through the laundry and the chores. However I also know, when my spirit gritches at others, it’s dispiriting to others.

A online friend of mine hosts the Find Your Saint for the Year generator, and added this year the bonus of a word for the year generator.

I created a Word of the Year generator just for you!

Mine for 2018 is “SWEET.” At first I thought, I eat enough candy. However, I noticed, my voice as of late lacks some of the sweetness it should have, so I think meditating on “sweet,” without reaching for the chocolates, might be a good mantra for me.

The small successes of this week include:

  • Going to confession.
  • Going to bed on time.
  • Staying up (a different night) with the 12-year-old who needed help with her homework when I really didn’t want to be “SWEET.”

Hope your week is full of sweet small successes. Happy 2018!

What small successes are you celebrating this week?

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  1. I have a small success today! It’s 55 degrees, 1 week after the snowstorm and arctic blast. I said YES when my teenager asked if we could go out for ice cream after he got off the school bus. Didn’t even need to wear a jacket! Savoring my ice cream on this nice warm day. 🙂

  2. My biggest success this week was that I managed to be patient with my son during homework (one of my biggest challenges, for a variety of reasons), despite a very stressful week.

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