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A Book Integrating Fitness and the Soul

Grit and Glory is a new book by Kaiser Johnson. When I received this book, the first thing I noticed about it is how “hands on” it truly is.  This is a book that will help to motivate you to achieve your fitness goals and guide you along to a deeper spiritual life.

I really love this book. There are photos demonstrating the many exercises you can do either at the gym or at home with weights, with tons of encouragement.

Spring is in the air, and this book will be perfect for you, your husband, or a friend to get motivated for fitness!


This book is inspiring in a godly way that will help your prayer life and also to understand the importance of exercising and staying in shape. I love how Kaiser divides up the chapters making it an easy read and also a “fun” read. He starts the book with  Part 1,“The Concepts.” This section includes chapters on growing closer to God and some basic information to really get going into a higher fitness level.

In Part 2, he focuses on Strength, Speed, Endurance, Flexibility, and “The Training Trinity” (Exercise, Rest and Nutrition).

He concludes in Part 3: A Novena Challenge, 21 Days to Build and Habit, 40 Days in the Desert, 90 Days to Change Your Life and Stretches Supplement. All these chapters include both sound spiritual advice and photos with actual exercise regimens. Kaiser is into weight training, and his advice is extensive to help and guide your path.

You will love it.

There is even a journal section in the back of the book which goes up to Day 90. You can record your prayers and your workout here.


I had an opportunity to speak to Kaiser Johnson on the phone to ask him about this new piece of writing. He has many new endeavors happening in his life right now.

His background is in acting, and he “rediscovered his faith which earning a BFA in acting from the University of Minnesota – Duluth.” He and his wife Keeley, on an exciting note, have a baby on the way in October. Readers, keep the Johnsons in your prayers as their family is growing and for the good God is doing in their lives!

Kaiser is a committed Catholic and runs the Hollywood Chesterton Society and speaks on G.K. Chesterton and other topics within the faith. He has been in TV acting and was on a premier episode of “Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge” on NBC, as well as the “Catholic Central” YouTube series through Family Theater Productions. Kaiser has experience in world championship racing, which makes him a true expert in the field of exercise and fitness. His expertise is apparent throughout the book.

Godly Advice from Kaiser

Kaiser spoke to me about the importance of the “integration” of body and soul and how are lives truly are about “deeper integration” with the Lord. When I asked him to expand on this, he said that the point of our lives is to be “crafted into Christ – which is the central mystery of our faith.”

He spoke of good spiritual direction, which is essential for growth and the importance of knowing that “humans are both body and soul.” Sin is the only thing that separates us from “communion” with Christ in this way through our “integration” with Jesus, he said.

I found these concepts to be really something to ponder for all of us. Kaiser is correct. We can glorify God through our bodies and souls, which are in communion together.

Try Out this Book

I would highly recommend Kaiser Johnson’s book Grit and Glory.  You can buy this book at your local Catholic Bookstore or online from Our Sunday Visitor or Amazon in paperback or for Kindle. You will not be sorry you did. I am quite excited to follow the new workout guidelines and sound spiritual advice from Kaiser Johnson.

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