The Sail of my Soul


Rudder for steering, boat for floating, buoyant, mast towards the heavens.

Living water, I thirst.

Push me into the wet, the dark abyss below me, set me free to trust.

Untie the rope, rewind the figure eight, detach, breathe in the wind that blows.


Holy Spirit, fill me with Your breath, fill the sail in my soul.

Where is it You will have me go? Are You calling me to deeper waters?


I will walk upon the blue, to You.

The rush blows my hair, tangles and whips – the sting awakens me.

With my sail open,

We will navigate rough water; You lead me to a gentle calm.

Copyright 2018 Maggie Eisenbarth


About Author

Maggie is the mother of nine children. She longs to do God’s will, seek His truth and wrap it all up in a life of joy, offering hope to others. Her family is living the simple life; community, bonfires, good food and nature. She is working on a memoir, writing about how God’s grace and His Church freed her from the bondage of our culture. Follow her on Instagram @ 11arrows11.


  1. Hi Maggie,

    Love your poem. Anything about water. Anything about the Holy Spirit. I say anything, but I really should say, anything ‘good’. I love your writing anyway.
    Hope you had a Happy Birthday.

    • Maggie Eisenbarth on

      Thank you! I spent last week in MA and VT. I grew up on Lake Champlain and my parents still live in the same house. My dad and I were telling my husband sailing stories and historical stories, like St. Brendan’s and it made me think how a sail is nothing without the wind and how centuries of men relied on faith and God to direct them. My birthday was great, thank you. Maggie

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