Daily Gospel Reflection for July 13, 2018


Today’s Gospel: Matthew 10:16-23

Usually the author of the daily reflection is identified at the end. Today we want to make clear at the outset to who we are: high school teens. This is relevant as we look at Jesus’ words to “be wise as serpents and innocent as doves”.

Going forth day to day we remain attached to our phones. They somehow empower us with the collected wisdom of the world. We have eliminated our need to do simple math, remember phone numbers or learn a language, it’s all there at the push of a button. Oh yes, we are wise, but innocent as doves? Hardly. It is easy to hide behind an anonymous veil and lash out. Someone will ask, “how did you not see that” about what, to them, is obvious. It’s easy, we weren’t looking. We were distracted by the next affirmation telling us that we are important.

The fault doesn’t rest with the device. It does what we ask. Every time we ask more of it we fail to see that we are creating ourselves in its image and likeness, shallow and fragile. There are times when innocence is referred to as a lack of knowledge. That is where we need to find ourselves, willing to admit that there is much to learn, and that that learning will take some time and effort. We must become the poor in spirit. Not having all the answers at the push of a button means we must trust in God enough to allow “the Spirit of your Father” to speak through us and to us. Then will we experience the kingdom.


What is it that I value as wisdom?


Lord, may we always be poor in Spirit and be guided by Your word.

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  1. For the youth to be so forthright about the impact of their phones and social media, is quite impressive for me. Just today, I spoke again with a youth whose father actually did everything wrong, and who fell in with bad companions, many of them met through social media.

    I had been asked to help him, and he was receptive at first, until things I told him, with my years of surviving on this Earth, conflicted with what his “friends” thought. I never heard so much disrespectful impertinence in my life. Things I had done for years comfortably we’re all wrong. He insisted he was street smart, and I knew nothing of real life, I who have deployed overseas, fought fires, saved lives, lost lives, survived deadly situations and boring jobs. He ignored my advice, backslid into drugs, and lost the support I was giving.

    He got back in touch with me later, asking for help. I offered a resource contact. He said it wouldn’t work. I asked him why he always argued, why he couldn’t try an option besides his own. I asked him, if he and his friends knew so much, why was he homeless, and where were those friends who encouraged him to insult my old fashioned ways and wisdom? If my way, the way I got taught, was so bad, why did I have an adequate life?

    He got back to me later.”You’re absolutely right. I don’t deal with those people anymore. They aren’t good for me.”

    I so hope you young people get the message out to your peers, so they can have help seeing a better way and avoiding such hardship as this youth had. He still has a way to go, a minute at the time. Better you head your peers off from all that beforehand. God bless you all!

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