Owning November

"Owning November" by Jason Weirich (CatholicMom.com)

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Anyone else recovering from Halloween?  I love peanut butter cups, but I may have had my yearly quota met on Halloween. The month of November is always an interesting one. We fast forward from Autumn and try to blitz the Christmas season.

If you want to own November, then you need to keep a clear head. The holidays are stressful for many people and a lonely time for others. Regardless of where you stand in November, prepare yourself to own a month that often gets no respect due to the Christmas season.

  1. Cultivate an attitude of thanksgiving. This is more than being strategic about your plate on Thanksgiving Day. Spend the month reflecting on who you have in your life and not on what you don’t have.
  1. Donate your unused stuff to someone you know. It’s easy to throw old clothes in a donation bin. You might give someone hope who had lost all hope in humanity.
  1. Work smarter. Your job will require you to get more done in less days with the holidays approaching. Work hard but work smarter.
  1. Clean house on your social media accounts. Are there people on there who are just stressing you out and fighting with you or everyone all the time? Delete them. People offer you vitamins or poison. What will you drink?

Copyright 2018 Jason Weirich


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