Togather: A Fruitful Mealtime Game for Busy Families

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This Lent I was honored to share with my family a limited Easter edition of a wonderful mealtime game called Togather.

If your family is competitive, playing a game during dinner might seem like kind of a bad idea. The good news is that it’s not that kind of game.

Who Doesn’t Love Stickers?

To put it in my own words, Togather is more of a sticker-driven conversation starter. The Easter edition featured stickers for before Lent, Ash Wednesday, each Sunday of Lent, and each day of Holy Week. Each sticker asked a question that related to the day’s Gospel and tied its theme into real life.

What’s even better is that there were complete sets of questions in three categories: For Little Ones, Grow as a Family, and Grow Individually. My four-year-old did well with the first category, while my eight-year-old was thoughtful about the latter two. My six-year-old contributed his answers to both at different times.

Each time we played, we started with the question for the youngest and progressed through the categories as I’ve listed them. I liked that the questions were tied together thematically, so we were all thinking about the same idea, but from different points of view. The leveled phrasing was successful in meeting each kiddo where he or she was developmentally.

Big Talks without the Pressure

This low-pressure game provided great opportunities for my husband and me to talk directly with our kids about important virtues and values. We want our kids to know where we stand and what’s right and wrong, but it can feel forced to bring these things up. Not so anymore!

Along the way, we were so happy with what we heard from our kids. I found it to be a good gauge of where they are in their formation and what they are able to articulate. I’m so grateful this anchored our family’s Lenten season this year.

Here Comes the Promo Code …

So why am I telling you this, if Lent is over? Togather isn’t just for Lent and Easter. The original edition features 105 stickers, divided into seven categories, and comes packaged in what looks like a paperback book. It can live at your kitchen table or slip into a purse to come out for a meal. There’s also a Lunch edition, designed for your child’s lunch bag. Either way, it’s truly a wonderful way to keep your family engaged with one another and constantly learning about each other.

The lovely creator of Togather, Jennifer Zumbiel, is offering readers free shipping on any order through May 1, 2019 with code catholicmom. Thanks, Jennifer!

Click on over and draw your family closer together with Togather! You’ll be so happy you did!

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  1. I love this idea. I just got Fr. Leo Patalinghug’s Saving the Family: The Transformative Power of Sharing Meals with People You Love. It seems like these two would pair well together.

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