Daily Gospel Reflection for June 19, 2019


Today’s Gospel: Matthew 6:1-6, 16-18L

I know this Gospel in my heart, but the reality of living it day in and day out can be difficult. I get distracted. Sometimes I am so busy loving, serving and praying that I lose sight of why I am doing those things. Am I loving and serving because I am called to as a person of faith? Are my eyes and heart truly lifted up to Jesus in prayer? Or am I just going through the motions or even doing it to please others? Is my purpose truly to serve and love God or did I get distracted in all my busyness?

The truth for me may lie somewhere in between doing for God and doing it for myself and others. I start with the best of intentions, to love and serve as Jesus calls me to do as a Christian. But slowly, my eyes wander and so much of my prayer and service becomes another item on my to-do list. I keep plodding along because it is what I must do without truly remembering the why I am doing it in the first place.

Then I read this Gospel. And I humbly remember that it is all about Jesus. Yes, I am to love and serve others, but not out of obligation to please or to cross something off my to-do list, but because I love Him and He is calling me to it.


Am I focused on God in my love and service or am I distracted from my true purpose?


Lord, please help me keep my heart focused on You while I pray, love and serve as You have called me.

Copyright 2019 Lisa Henley Jones

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